Azfar Rizvi  


  A journalist, photographer, documentary film maker and social activist. Azfar's work encompasses documentaries and current affairs programs. He has directed more that 40 odd English reportages specializing in food and culture, lifestyle and Health.

  He has been a regular contributor to both Urdu and English dailies and magazines while presenting a radio show once a month with the state run radio station. He is currently working on a documentary series with the WWF Pakistan. Azfar specializes in documentaries on social and human interest stories.

  In the last few years he has completed documentaries on topics varying from Asia's largest bird conservatory to the lives of firefighters in Pakistan. He has also worked on documentaries in Iran and Syria.

 Azfar is a graduate of Karachi University. He currently lives in Hyderabad and shuttles to Karachi on weekends to enjoy the beach.


copyright 2008 Azfar Rizvi